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VeriArtem.comExhibitionSir James Reckitt Exhibition

Sir James remains one of Hull’s most famous citizens. One of the driving forces behind Reckitt and Sons, an industrialist, a philanthropist and city leader. He was also a powerful advocate for public libraries and founded the first free public library in the city in 1889.

Sir James Reckitt: A Life of Legacy

Sir James Reckitt
  • 18 March – 18 May 2024
  • Hull Central Library Gallery
  • Free

The launch evening will include a special talk from historian Mike Covell, and the chance to view several fascinating artefacts kindly on loan from the Reckitt’s archive, and from our own collections.

The exhibition has been developed with local historian Mike Covell, and has received generous support from Reckitts Heritage. Cllr Rob Pritchard, portfolio holder for culture and leisure said: “Sir James Reckitt’s incredibly important work within the library service lives on today through the James Reckitt Library Trust. So it is fitting that this exhibition will be hosted here, and will open exactly 100 years since his death on 18 March 1924.”

The framework of the exhibition includes:

  • 1: THE MAN – who was James Reckitt?
  • 2: BUSINESS – where he traded, what he traded in (more than just Reckitts).
  • 3: PHILANTHROPY – the organisations he aided
  • 4: LEGACY – expansion of Reckitt

The exhibition has been funded by the James Reckitt Library Trust and Hull Culture and Leisure Ltd and will run until Saturday 18 May.



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